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Holiday Gift Giving

Xavier's Favorites Wrapped Box

Xavier's Favorites
Through the years I have grown particularly fond of some of my grandmother's recipes and a few of my own creations. This assortment is an ensemble of traditional European style chocolates with American influences lovingly made with only the finest ingredients. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
This assortment includes: Cleo, Chambord Truffle, Haystack, Turtle, Harvest Truffle, Butter Pecan, Cappuchino Truffle, Almond cluster, Lemon Truffle, Crocant, and Peanut Butter Addiction.
#X24 - 24 Piece gift-wrapped box (12 oz.) $29.95

Great Chocolate Sampler
Steininger's Great Chocolate Sampler
A medley of chocolates from both the Old World Selection and The Gasbrecht Selection.
#W48 - 48 Piece fabric box (1-1/2 pounds) $52.00

Old World Selection Available in 3 assortments
Old World Selection
An exquisite collection of our finest chocolates. This assortment includes Chambord Truffles, Grand Marnier Truffles, Hazelnut Gianduja, Praline & Orange, Raspberry Marzipan Truffle, Praline & Marzipan, Marzipan & Orange, Praline & Minced Toffee and Crocant*.
* Crocant available only in the one pound box.
#W12 12 Piece fabric box (6 oz.) $19.95
#W24 24 Piece fabric box (11 oz.) $29.95
#W32 32 Piece fabric box (16 oz.) $34.95

Gasbrecht Selection
Gasbrecht Selection
The Gasbrecht Selection is named for and dedicated to, my mentor, in appreciation for all the coaching and sharing I've received through the years.

The selection is all dark chocolate.
#G24 24 Piece fabric box (11 oz.) $29.95

Chocolate Bars
Steininger's Chocolate Bars
Packed 4 to a ballotin gift box.

#B14 Milk Chocolate Kahlua Truffle Bar $19.95
#B15 Dark Chocolate Lemon Ganache Bar $19.95
#B17 Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Bar $19.95
Combination Box:
#B18 Two Kahlua Truffle Bars and One Each Dark Chocolate Lemon Ganache Bar and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Bar $19.95

Almond Bark & Butter Crunch Sampler
Almond Bark and Buttercrunch Sampler
This sampler will make any nut lover happy. They will receive a one pound box of mixed dark and light chocolate almond bark and a half pound box of butter crunch.

#AB24 Almond Bark and Buttercrunch Sampler $44.95

Steininger's Chocolate Almond Bark
Made with fine rich chocolate and plentiful fresh roasted almonds, gift boxed.
#A07 Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (one lb.) $26.95
#A08 Milk Chocolate Almond Bark (one lb.) $26.95
Combination Box:
#A09 Half Milk and Half Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (one lb.) $26.95

Steininger's Butter Crunch
Yummy buttery toffee drenched in milk chocolate and then rolled in roasted, minced almonds. Packaged in a shining gold ballotin and tied with a festive bow.
#SBC 12 oz. box $26.95

Chocolate Daisies
Chocolate Daisies
Hot chocolate always gets rave reviews in our shop. Now you can make the same rich hot chocolate at home. Just add two or more daises to a cup of warm milk or half and half, stir till chocolate melts and you have rich hot chocolate. You can also make dessert coffee by adding a daisy or two to your coffee, stir with a cinnamon stick and top with whipped cream for a very special treat!

#D21 21 Dark Chocolate Daisies $12.95

Dessert Maker Kit
The Dessert-Maker Kit
Superb desserts at a moment's notice. This kit contains two 10 oz. jars of chewy hot Fudge Sauce. Spoon over ice cream or pound cake to make a perfect last course.

#J02 Two 10 oz. Jars, gift boxed $28.95

Box of Holiday Delights
Holiday Box of Delights
12 Piece box of Old World Selection
10 oz. jar of Chewy Hot Fudge Sauce
Steininger's Chocolate Bar
Half pound ballotin of Almond Bark
10 oz. jar of Peach Marmalade
Package of Chocolate Daisies

#B05 Holiday Box of Delights $84.50

Chocolate Santa Pops
Steininger's rich creamy milk chocolate pops, an ideal gift for all ages.
#SP 4 pops net wt. 3/4 oz. each $12.95

Use our EASY ORDER FORM to have our delicious holiday selections delivered to your door, or have them shipped directly to friends and family.

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